Autonomy Investimentos & Affiliates seeks to use its experience in working with high quality real estate assets that combine strategic location, superior infrastructure and services, offering security and operating efficiency to customers.


Golgi Condomínios Logísticos is the developer and owner of highly efficient logistics properties. It was established to operate in key Brazilian markets, from acquisition and development to leasing and management of warehouses and distribution centers.

This joint venture brings together Cadillac Fairview Corporation Limited, one of the larger owners, operators and commercial real estate developers in North America, and affiliates of Autonomy Investimentos, which are also responsible for the operation and administration of Golgi´s properties, leading the acquisition to product development, market intelligence, leasing and management of the properties.


We seek for the logistic properties to have four essential characteristics:
_ Superior locations, with easy access and close to important urban centers;
_ High quality specifications;
_ Customizations to serve clients needs;
_ High security standards.