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Tuca Reines

Rochaverá is among the most well-known landmarks of São Paulo: a reference in terms of location, quality and efficiency, widely recognized and desired by international and local corporations.


Comprising more than 124,000 sqm of leasable area, the architectural design praises transparency and openness, with a unique garden of around 17,000 sqm containing Brazilian biomes representative species, towards which all four towers converge.

The complex was the first one in Brazil to receive a LEED Gold certificate, attesting for its strong sustainability orientation. Moreover, it is self-sufficient in terms of energy, thanks to a gas co-generation power plant that is able to supply 100% of common and private areas and lifts, a unique feature in the Brazilian office market. Rochaverá is served by four underground parking floors with more than 3,700 car parking spaces, as well as bicycle friendly installations and an helipad.

Towers A and B were disposed in 2012.


Rochaverá Complex is located at Marginal region, across the street from two major shopping malls, close to important residential areas and receptive to multiple transport modalities, such as a train station - that links to the subway - located in the corner of the site, a bus stop, and direct access to an important express road.

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