Vista Guanabara Vista Guanabara Vista Guanabara Vista Guanabara

Vista Guanabara

Vista Guanabara

An icon in the nascent business district of Porto Maravilha.


The urban plan for Porto Maravilha is ambitious. Given the scarcity of sites for large developments in Downtown region, the municipality of Rio de Janeiro seeks to transform an old port region into a highly dense residential and commercial district, based on public-private partnership investments.

Designed by a renowned architectural firm, this premium high specifications project captures the spiritual essence of the city. Vista Guanabara offers more than 30,000 sqm of private area among eighteen floors, served by four underground parking floors, bicycle friendly installations and an helipad.


This asset is located only 600 meters away from Downtown, next to a future strolling area, new roads, light rail system for local transportation and important cultural buildings. Additionally, it enjoys a great view of the bay and is close to a future pier where cruise ships will berth.

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