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Autonomy Investimentos & Affiliates collectively operate as a leading Brazilian real estate firm specialized in the acquisition, retrofit, development and management of office and logistics properties located in Brazil's major markets.

Autonomy Investimentos was founded in 2006 and is based in São Paulo. Autonomy Investimentos has a combined total of over $750 million of managed or committed capital in real estate projects³.

Affiliates of Autonomy Investimentos also lead the operation and administration of Golgi Condomínios Logísticos, with responsibility for property acquisition, product development, market intelligence, leasing and management of properties. Golgi Condomínios Logísticos4 has a committed capital of approximately $350 million, $200 million of which already slated to four logistics properties in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.


We believe that real estate is a transformational force that helps to shape the cities. Our goal is to build more value every day for the cities in which we are present.

Our View

We believe that the value of a building is intimately tied to the place and context in which it is inserted. Thus, a view towards the cities and its inhabitants’ needs is vital to the success and perpetuation of the real estate assets. This is why the main goal of Autonomy Investimentos is to make cities more valuable.

The understanding that real estate is part of a transformational force guides our team to design our assets with high-quality standards, in order to stand out on design and functional aspects, thus improving their surroundings and helping to shape the regions in which we operate and the cities themselves. 

Our view Gal Oppido


_ Senior leadership team with extensive real estate experience;
_ On-site team of Brazilian professionals;
_ Extensive network of tenants and overall real estate industry relationship.


_ Development and value-adding process expertise;
_ Real Estate Management;
_ Vertical in-house capabilities, including acquisitions, development, design & construction, leasing, property management, legal, investor relations, accounting and finance.

³   Consolidated figures reflect only Autonomy Investimentos´ share in each asset.
4   Golgi Condomínios Logísticos is a joint venture between the Cadillac Fairview Corporation Limited and affiliates of Autonomy Investimentos, which are also responsible for the operation and management of Golgi´s properties.

Autonomy Investimentos refers to Autonomy Investimentos Ltda.
Affiliates of Autonomy Investimentos refers to the founding individuals of Autonomy Investimentos Ltda. and/or the entities that provide real estate property management services.