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Urban development


We develop quality assets, seeking a positively impact people's lives and cities.

For this reason, we seek to identify and amplify potentials that improve people's lives, rendering the surroundings of our projects more valuable, making them epicenters of urban transformation..


Valuing heritage and the urban integration with the community

A landmark of the transformation of Porto Maravilha, in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Moinho Fluminense is a revitalization project that sought, from the very beginning, to strengthen and recreate the relationship of the real estate development with the place where it is inserted. Moinho carries in its core the responsibility and the challenge to integrate the neighborhood and the community in its surroundings, through the appreciation that the space will bring to the region, creating work opportunities and attracting attention to its cultural and artistic value. Moinho (mill in Portuguese) stands for movement, and that is exactly what it represents.


  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Porto Maravilha, the city’s new business and entertainment center

Technical specifications:

  • Creation of a contemporary destination for business, commerce and experience spaces following the main global real
    estate trends
  • 4 blocks connecting the sea to the hill
  • Multipurpose complex with offices, commerce and experience

Sustainability highlights:

  • Appreciation of the historical heritage, emphasizing the Brazilian memory, culture and art
  • Transformation of a 19th century real estate icon
  • Integration with the community and social responsibility
  • LEED Platinum certification (U.S. Green Building Council)
  • Building Standard WELL certification

Sacadura Cabral St., 290 - Saúde


Logistics warehouses and social development

As one of the major global players in the logistics condominium sector, result of a strategic partnership with Cadillac Fairview, we seek, with our projects, not only operational efficiency and financial results, but also the social development of the regions and cities where we operate. Together with local authorities, we recognize our key role in generating value to the region in which we operate, working for the structural, educational and social development of the community and all affected employees.

Technical specifications:

  • 14 assets
  • 6 regions (São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, the Federal District, Paraná and Rio Grande do Sul)
  • 1.3 m² of potential rental area
  • 448,137 m² of built-up areas
  • Privileged location, easy access and close to important urban centers
  • Customization options that meet customers’ specific needs
  • High level of safety and quality

Main tenants:

  • Amazon, Westwing, Braskem, B2W, Carrefour, Fiat, Mercedes, among others.

Sustainability highlights:

  • All logistic warehouses developed with LEED certification
  • Green Tech application in all developments

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