Autonomy's investors are mostly foreign, comprising public and private pension funds, family offices, fund funds, wealth managers and high-networth individuals around the world.

Private Equity Real Estate

With a capital gains investment strategy, our goal is to generate exceptional returns, in the top quartile, by developing and operating iconic properties in the most dynamic markets in the country.



thousand sqm

in different stages of development.


real estate assets

Listed funds

We know our market closely and work to serve institutional investors and individuals looking for real asset investment advantages through listed real estate investment funds.

Through active management consisting of the selection, acquisition and management of high-quality assets in their contexts, our goal is to generate stable and growing dividend distributions for our investors, protecting them from downside risk.

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Autonomy operates in the Brazilian logistics real estate market through Golgi Logistics, a joint venture with Cadillac Fairview and Affiliates since 2012.



million sqm

in different development stages.


real estate assets